Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Even with the growing number of protests happening across the world, few places may witness freedom of speech to this degree. While some may argue we have too many freedoms, others are quick to snap that we don’t have any ‘real’ freedoms at all.

Whether or not some people feel safe expressing their opinions  may depend on what space they chose to express those opinions. If you’ve ever felt ousted among your neighbors for having ‘radical’ views, then you will most likely find comfort in a space such as Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street Financial District. Thousands of New Yorkers have gathered in solidarity to express their angst over a vast array of different topics. The grassroots movement, known as Occupy Wall Street, or OWS for short, has been spreading across the nation and the world.  The common link: systematic inequalities in the financial sector and government policies that have led to a shrinking middle class.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech

  1. Yea, it’s about time that things change, for sure.

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