Halloween Dog Parade…Is it right to spend our time and resources on such a thing?

Frankenstein, his double & his Bride

The Protester #OWS

Last Saturday, my friend, Jay, and I attended the 21st Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.  Although we are both dog lovers, we didn’t enjoy this event equally. In fact, Jay had to leave the parade in order to get peace of mind. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get enough of these four-legged, lovable, hugable creatures. Let’s backtrack a little bit…

As we were entering Tompkins Square Park, we noticed as loooong line on the outskirts of the park. At first, we thought it might be the line to purchase tickets to enter the dog run where the dogs would be parading. As we kept walking, we realized these people were not just hippies or backpackers dressed in torn up clothing. Nope. But couldn’t they be artists? MMmmm….wrong again! They were homeless, in fact, homeless or very poor people waiting in line for food. The food, it turned out, was not much of a meal at all. Out of an old paper bag emerged a burger. A single, tiny serving for any adult. The burgers looked like the small version of a McDonald’s kid’s burger. It was accompanied by a Hi-C juice box. That’s it! This long line, full of senior citizens, handicap people and a few children, were just waiting around for a bit of food.

That view didn’t sit so well with Jay. For me, however, this was a sign of human compassion. The people handing out the food looked just like the individuals that were waiting in line for a serving. “Wow!” I thought, “What an amazing act of kindness.” Of course, I was also a bit sad -sad that these people had to even wait in line. But that sadness disappeared in a matter of seconds with the first sign of canines just a few feet inside the park. All I could think of was: Puppies! Cute, Adorable, Dressed UP PUPPIES!! Maybe they weren’t all puppies, but even the big ones had the look of any puppy as they, almost shamefully, walked around in their silly suits. Here are some of my favorites:

Lady Gaga - The Meat Outfit

Carrie (1976 Horror Movie)

The Yankee

Blue Devil

The 3 Musketeers

Later on, Jay and I had a long chat. He just couldn’t stand the juxtaposition. I must add, Jay comes from a country were poverty is much more rampant than here in the States. Jay couldn’t stand the idea that resources were being alloted to dress up and care for these dogs. He found it indignant and outright immoral. Wow! Really? Immoral? He had to leave the affair just to run away from that feeling of guilt -guilt that he belong to the human race. Guilt that the human race would care for another species more than it’s very own.

What do you think? Was Jay overreacting?

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Dog Parade…Is it right to spend our time and resources on such a thing?

  1. Wow. I could see how the juxtaposition could upset him. We do have to accept that people have the right to spend their money as they see fit. So if an individual pampers their dog, but never gives to a homeless shelter, while that might be sad, that is there right. Now, on a level of city or state government, if this was a city sponsored parade it begs the question could that money go to somewhere more useful for citizens. I feel the same way about sports celebration parades. I don’t think the city should kick in money for the parades and post-clean up, the teams should do that. City, state and federal governments say they are broke, but will shell out big money for a Phillies celebration parade.

    I also had similar feelings about the Michael Vick situation. While I am a proud dog mommy and don’t think animals should be abused, people tore him down more than they paid attention to people who actually murdered humans.

    • onewu2 on said:

      Laneshe, I absolutely agree! Then again, I’m not a politician nor a sports administrator so it’s hard for me to understand what cities use as a rubric to decide what is . I am – no, WE ARE tax payers. We should have more of a voice over the way our governments spend our money.

      However, this event was actually sponsored by a local community organization, First Run(http://www.dogster.org/therun.shtml). The dog run is also maintained by the community, not the city parks, and the proceeds of this event for to be used for that purpose. I’m sure this information would still bug someone who sees dogs as objects and not the special beings dog lovers see them as. I mean, who’s to say what is worth our love and resources, right?

      I think the Michael Vick situation is special in that people gave it way more attention because he was a football player, something we value so much in our society. Again, don’t we all just love to place our values and priorities on a larger group of people? hehehe

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